I’m supposed to have a first date early this morning but I’m simply not in the mood.

I’m exhausted.

I work third shift at a printing factory 7 nights a week which is enough to make anyone tired.

But I also have a best friend who became unemployed a little over a month ago. He lives with his girlfriend who works at the same place that I do. I live a half hour’s drive away from where they live. What makes everything especially exhausting is that I’m driving my friend all over the place in pursuit of a job and his girlfriend doesn’t seem to be doing much at all in regards to helping him out.

I should also mention that his car is currently at a mechanic’s getting fixed – he hit a curb with his front passenger side tire and did a lot of damage. His car sat undriveable in a retail outlets parking lot for two weeks because he didn’t have the money to fix it. Technically he still doesn’t have the money to fix it – I’m paying for the cost of the repair so he can get back and forth to jobs (if he ever gets one.)

His girlfriend however doesn’t seem to be too concerned about him getting his life back in order.

I’ve invested so much time and energy in my best friend’s life that I barely have time for my own. When I do have free time I seem to use it primarily for sleeping. That is why I am currently not in the mood to go on this first date – I don’t have the energy.

I feel worn out, depressed and generally frustrated. I want for things to get better for both him and I but I fear that things are going to get MUCH worse before this ship reaches calmer waters.

The big storm will be when my best friend’s daughter is born that he has with his ex-girlfriend. Things will truly get ugly then.